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Failure can lead to success.

Will Embracing Failure Actually Empower Valuable Business Growth?

Every business is looking for the next thing that will help the business grow. Hardware vendors, software vendors, and the companies that use their products often use their yearly strategy reviews to find the perfect product to insert into the market at the perfect time. But, as often as those activities result in success, the less discussed result is failure. Maybe not massive failure, but failure. Wrong product, wrong feature, wrong time, or wrong price can contribute to the sad event.

And that’s OK!

Failure is an option.

Look at IoT Workflows for Benefits to Skyrocket Success?

Is there room for smart automation in your business? You know the tools: Google Home, Alexa, Siri, Bixby and Cortana. At home—and on the go—they make life easier, but is their room for that level of connectivity in your business? The answer is yes! And just a bit of automation can go a long way to creating an environment where calls to help desks and customer service team members are reduced, if not eliminated.

Time for a Positive 2021

Time for a Positive 2021: Empower Business and Sales Workflows

At its core, workflow is the set of protocols and processes that are defined, documented, repeatable, and auditable. Workflows are everywhere. They hide between the departments that run the business. They lurk in the production departments. They hover in sales and marketing. They guide shipping and receiving. No matter what business you are in, you have workflows.

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