Best Practices for Your Business

With over three decades of experience in helping create engagements with impact, the make up of McGrewGroup is poised to help your business meet its growth and success metrics.

Areas of Expertise

The experience and success of McGrewGroup engagements covers a wide variety of markets and competencies. Our goal is to help you achieve a superior customer experience while guiding you to success behind the scenes.

Business Consulting

We can help you identify your current focus, link it to market trends, and build a set of tactics to grow your business farther.

MC2Books Publishing

An industry publisher that specializes in getting your content ready for distribution and promotion, whether through traditional print or digital channels.

Is Print Dead?

Is Print Dead? That’s what we explore in this podcast. Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine have been collaborating in the world of print and enterprise content management for more than two decades. Now they bring their expertise and experience to bear on the question:
“Is Print Dead?”

Print Sample TV

Print Sample TV is a new initiative by Pat McGrew, incollaboration with INKISH.TV, showcasing print samples from vendors and printers. Each episode focuses on a print sample, describing its purpose, it’s production, and some of its technical background.

Global Speaking

Large events or small, you want speakers who engage the audience, understand your business, and create engagement.

Open House, Road Show and Event Management

Promoting new products, celebrating anniversaries, welcoming new business partners and engaging with your community are just a few of the reasons that you may want to host an open house or create a road show.